Sample floor plan for a 20’x30′ Metal Sheeting House (with insulation) with a 6’x20′ Verandah. The price for a unit like this would be ¬†EC$95,000, this unit ONLY includes the cost of the unit and installation, it DOES NOT include land.

The house would include the following:

  1. 6′ x 20′ veranda with ceiling
  2. 26 Gauge colored roof (color of choice)
  3. Fiberglass insulation for ceiling and exterior walls
  4. Drywall & Compound included for ceiling, walls and interior partitions
  5. 3 Mahogany Doors included for rooms & bathroom
  6. Hardwood posts (# 15) included 6″x6″x8′
  7. 2 sets of stairs with railing 
  8. Toilet / Wash Hand Basin / Shower stall
  9. Kitchen Sink Cabinet
  10. Gutters for roof

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